Eerie lilac hues light that visage in the autumn night,
Its eyes glint with power and insight,
Their intense glare I can scarcely hold,
The truths behind them I’m too weak to behold,

One is deep azure blue,
the other deep emerald green,
behind the azure, radiates the judgement due,
behind the emerald, peer vistas I have never seen,

Like a lava flow it burns inside my chest,
This irresistible need, I have to confess,
All my sins, lusts and desires,
Unflinching, the eyes’ gaze holds me for hours,

The world around me liquefies and melds,
Like a pond of water it ripples and shows,
A park of green, a child playing,
Her by his side, running and swaying,
Hugging him tightly, as her motherly love grows,
Strong and unyielding,

The sensation washes over,
The bliss like a blessing purifies my soul,
She turns to me with our child in her hands,
My blood turns to ice,
Her accusing eyes leer unblinking,
An azure tide sweeps me away, the darkness expands,

My eyelids are heavy and my head is spinning,
to the alcoholic haze, my senses are clinging,
What is this place I do not know,
I see the crimson on my hands that I washed long ago,

I wake up and see it clearly,
They are all gone,
What have I done?
Bodies lay on the floor, the treads cut prematurely,
I turn a body on its back and shriek in terror,
As I see those eyes, haunting me with fervor.

Before my lungs could exhale the scream,
Everything swirls around me in shades of azure and green,
I find myself lying on the bed,
The visage is gone,
Its form just a gust in the storm,
Of memories or times that are or could have been,
Will my soul ever find the peace,
That I was promised, by those eyes so serene?

Photo by sternkseniya98

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