The Scything

Here lies His great iron hand,
waiting for the call that has been ordained,
~Script destroyed by mold~

Turn from this vault of accursed knowledge,
Some doors are supposed to remain shut
If ye ~script smudged~
It will poison the land,
…in the air where only the Taker breathes deep

– Ancient papyrus found clutched by a skeleton’s hand in an abandoned village near Armrund.

“Only the stench of the rotting corpses and the cawing of crows remain in these places now. The sun shines no longer. The clouds,  the darkness, and despair are thick in the air, and in our hearts… Flordram, have mercy!” – Journal of Lady Xandria, last entry

“Lord Drakenhof, the situation here is dire indeed. The people are dying in droves by this Shadowplague. It changes their minds and they turn upon each other like rabid beasts. My scouts inform me that entire cities have perished in as little as two months. . The cause might indeed be magical in its nature somehow since our conventional means do not yield any improvement. I pray to the Chronicler to grant you the wisdom and strength to lead us through this calamity.

Your loyal servant,

Gunter Malodar”
– report from the city of Vagast, Gunter Malodar, Healer of the Court

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