A friendly afternoon

The Living Room

“Hey, can you come over to my place this afternoon, Ky? I’ve got a bunch of interesting stuff stocked up if you wanna play,” Tress said over the phone to Frank, calling him out of the blue, while she stacked the PS4 games one atop another on the coffee table in the living room of her small apartment.

“Oh yes, let me just take a shower. I’ll bring beer and chips,” Ky answered eagerly, with a hint of surprise in his voice. He didn’t have anything better to do anyway.

“Okay, great – don’t forget to bring your controller too,” Tress said twirling her hair, a sly smile creasing her lips.

“Sure thing, cutie,” he said and laughed somewhat nervously. Tress giggled and hugged the pillow on the sofa more tightly.

“A’ight, I’ll see you soon,” she said.

“Stay awesome you,” he said, smiling and ended the call.

Tress put down the phone, rose up and began tidying up the apartment. A short while later, it was as clean as the fight with her now ex-boyfriend the previous night had never happened. He was out of town now, leaving in a drunken fury. She sat down and sighed heavily. She felt stuck with that man, unloved, unappreciated. She hugged the sofa pillow even tighter. The radio played some happy-go-lucky pop piece which went on her nerves and she turned off the radio. The day was hot and she was already sweaty from the tidying. She went to the bathroom to have an ice-cold shower and get ready for her guest. Ky could always offer her comfort, but today, she was walking a thin line. She desired to be loved so badly, and Ky seemed like the guy who could offer that. On top of it, he was chronically single, even though he did enjoy short flings. After the shower, she went to the bathroom mirror and looked herself over. Her hands caressed her pear-shaped figure. In her late 20s, she was a tall woman, some 170 centimeters, with smooth, pale white skin and brunette hair, whose wet locks fell on her shoulders. Her oval face bearing a small, cute nose and deep blue eyes accentuated her beauty. She grinned and winked at the reflection in the mirror before going to the bedroom to dress up.

“It’s too much work. I can barely handle one crazy person, haha,” he used to joke at his own expense.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Ky said to the empty room, dressed only in his boxers, getting ready for a shower. The scalding summer afternoon was taking its toll on everyone. He felt so hot. And he couldn’t pin all of it on the sun. Her unexpected call did excite him a bit if he was honest with himself. Did Tress actually call him for an afternoon gaming session? There was something fishy about the whole situation. Did she know he still had hots for her, even after that night? He was determined to get to the bottom of it, but secretly, he wished to get to the bottom of her as well. He licked his lips and swallowed the excess saliva and went to the bathroom to scrub himself. Soon after, he put on a comfy brown-green shorts and a white t-shirt, packed the snacks and his trusty ol’ controller and headed out of the door. Some 30 minutes later he was at the door of her apartment, checking himself up on the selfie camera of his phone. He was a very tall man over 190 centimeters, slightly older than Tress, with a light complexion and somewhat slender figure, short ash-blonde hair parted on the left side of the scalp, wearing a pair of glasses that gave off that “smart guy” look. Once satisfied, he rang the bell. A few seconds later, Tress opened the door with a smile on her face.

“Oh hello there, little one, you look dashing today,” he greeted her warmly. His eyes unabashedly glanced her over, even though she wore a simple formfitting navy blue t-shirt and a pair of black leggings. The nails on her bare feet were painted navy blue to match with the nails on her hands.

“Hey lamppost, you have such a sweet, charming tongue,” she replied with a grin before they kissed on the cheek and hugged each other tightly. Ky could feel her form and breasts pressing against him, feeling that cozy feeling of intimate closeness. She enjoyed being held in his arms, in that warm, safe embrace. Did his body feel tense? The hug lasted a moment too long before she invited him in.

“Are you ready to get your ass kicked,” she asked, still grinning, patting him on the butt as he crossed the doorstep. The buttock felt firm in her hand and she gave it ever so slight squeeze before letting go.

“Woah, the kindly, orderly Tress is exceptionally touchy today,” he thought but made no comment and entered the living room.

“Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just because you have boobs,” he replied with a knowing smile. She raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips, making a grimace which meant accepting the challenge.

“So, going hard at me then?”

He gave her a knowing look, trying to keep a straight face. It was a monumental effort not to quip something inappropriate.

“So, very, hard,” he retorted, clipping his words on purpose. She began laughing with a glint in her eye. When he walked in she locked the door. Ky sat on the comfy sofa, taking a potato chip from the bowl on the glass coffee table. Tress took his bag of snacks and went to the kitchen. Ky noticed the visible panty lines on her perky backside, which suggested she was wearing cheeky panties. While sorting the things out, she noticed him checking her out but made no comment. It felt reassuring, comforting, to be glanced at with such a longing gaze.

“Do you want something to drink,” she asked him while sorting out the snacks over the kitchen table, her ass perked up in his full view, stretching the leggings to their limit. He could make out the exposed portion of her buttocks through the pores of the fabric.

“Sure, whatever you are having T,” he answered, his eyes glued on her. Did she just pose for him or he was just being summer horny? He cursed inside himself. She was in a relationship, yet he had these lewd thoughts about her. Not that she didn’t encourage them, but still. Even though the boyfriend wasn’t at home, and she was acting touchy-feely from the first moment he saw her, somehow, it didn’t feel right. She poured 2 glasses of ouzo and put them on the table, before sitting on the sofa next to him, looking him in the eyes. She noticed that the desire was there for sure, even though he tried very hard to hide it behind a mask of piety and what he called “the gentleman’s code”. Was he still attracted to her? She felt strangely drawn to his kind, long cheeked face and tall figure. Moreover, his presence made her feel strangely safe.

“What kind of pervert deviant are you hiding behind those intense brown eyes, Ky,” she asked herself and raised the glass of cold ouzo.

“Damn girl, you are going strong with the choice in this hell,” he said and grabbed his own filled glass.

“We gotta warm up somehow, don’t we,” she replied slyly, knowing that his veneer of propriety dissolved to nothingness given enough alcohol. They drank the ouzo and felt the hot rush of alcohol spreading through their bodies. Then, they soothed the fire with a glass of water. Tress poured another round before going over to the PS and put on a fighting game.

“Are you ready to lose,” Ky mocked her, licking his lips. Tess just winked at him and childishly stuck her tongue out at him.

“I’ll kick your ass so hard, you’ll plead for mercy before I’m done,” she replied and raised her glass of ouzo. Ky followed suit and they downed it in one gulp.

“Aah that hit the spot,” they said at the same time, paused for a moment, and giggled at each other before starting the game. They used to game together for a long time but recently fallen out of communication with one another. Ky felt the same cozy feeling of being ‘at home’ when it came to video games, and so was Tress. She subconsciously hugged the pillow again, which Ky took a mental note of. Even though she smiled at him whenever their eyes met, there was something off about her. Did she break up with her boyfriend? Or worse?

Tress won the first match firmly and said:

“I told ya, I’m not jokin’ around.”

“That’s what I like so much about you. You get so into it hihi,” Ky giggled, “let’s go for a rematch.” As time passed the duel intensified, as well as the tension between them. Some 20 minutes later, their faces were flushed with the gamer’s glee and alcohol. Tress was hugging the pillow tightly, while Ky spread his legs on the couch in a semi-butterfly position, his groin exposed. Tress noticed that he became visibly more relaxed, the hunger glinting in his eye, burning as hotly as that night of dead-drunk, lust-groping.

“I got so mad at him then, for kissing me and grabbing my ass – yet I yearn for his embrace now? What am I doing? Touch me,” the thoughts ran through her mind like a speeding train.

“Is everything okay sweetie,” Ky asked, putting his hand on her knee. She let out a small sigh, enjoying the warmth of his hand and came to her senses. She had spaced out, then blushed.

“Ah yes, never mind,” she fumbled for words and smiled awkwardly, putting her hand on his shoulder “I just got distracted.”

His hand was still on her knee, and Ky fought the urge to move it up her thigh. Something was definitely weird about that. The last time his hands were on her during that night of heavy drinking – she got mad and didn’t speak to him for 3 days. An idea sprung into his mind and grinned.

“I can see that,” he said still caressing her knee and lower thigh, “let’s make our gaming interesting. Let’s make it a strip game!”

Surely, she would be appalled at such an outrageous proposition, slap him, and chase him out, right?  Tress gave him a knowing look and suddenly, her left hand was between his legs, cupping his genitals. She grinned looking at him intensely. Ky’s heart began beating faster and he could feel his body responding instantly to her soft touch. He was at a loss of words, yet he felt the flames of excitement fanning inside him.

“You are on,” she replied and winked at him. Then she turned to pour another glass of ouzo of for both of them.

“That was the most bad-girl thing I’ve ever done, and his cock became hard in an instant. That’s so hot.” she thought and felt her nether regions moistening at the thought. They downed the ouzo and started viciously beating each other on the TV screen. They jested and jabbed, smiling while the game became ever more intense. At last, Tress won the first match. Ky sighed.

“Your shirt is mine, Ky,” Tress teased him. He took off the shirt and tossed it at her. She caught it with her hand, giggling. She sniffed the shirt and put it next to her as a trophy. He revealed a pale, slender, yet defined torso with the beginnings of a beer-belly. Tress playfully slapped him on it.

“Hoho, wibble-wobble,” she said making a pork grimace, her hand tracing across his naked skin for a few more seconds. It was exciting. He blushed slightly and sat on the sofa. Tress enjoyed his mild discomfort.

“Oh, just you wait, fatso, the games have just begun,” he jested playfully, obviously enjoying himself. Tress licked her lips, looking at him before saying:

“When I finally beat you, I’ll make you take the most embarrassing photos, haha,” she said. Ky gave her a sideways glance, smiled, and turned to the TV screen where the battle was about to start. The second match was just as intense as the first. It lasted 3 rounds with Ky winning the final round with a lucky hit while being a single hit away from defeat itself.

“Haha, gotcha,” Ky exclaimed making a grimace at her.

“Fuuuuck, that was sooo close,” she yelped and slapped her knee.

“Time to free yourself from the tyranny of your clothes,’ Ky quipped. Tress stood up in front of him and seductively raised her hands, caught the t-shirt at the wide opening and slowly peeled it off of herself, revealing a cute black bra containing her perky breasts. She shook her head a bit, locks of brunette hair spread her fragrance throughout the room. Ky took a deep breath, admiring her pale skin and almost flat belly. He felt his hands sweating with desire to touch her. Tress gave him the shirt and he put it over the sofa’s armrest. She “innocently” brushed her hands against her breasts, feeling the hot air caressing her. Ky bit his lip raised his glass and sipped from the ouzo. Tress did the same.

“Ready for the 3rd match, Tressy?”

“Bring it on,” she exclaimed. Tress didn’t like to lose – but this… this fanned the embers of passion inside her. She had never done something like this with any other man. Both of them were in uncharted waters.

“I love the way you frown, it makes me want to kiss ya,” he said as she took the seat beside him.

“If you win, maybe I’ll let you,” she replied, smiling, already imagining his lips on hers.

“Is this another challenge?”

“Oh yeah – you got to play grabass last time. I’ll grope you this time, hihi,” she said and started the next match. Ky winced at the remark and blushed. It wasn’t his proudest moment and that made him even more determined to win the next game. This time she played a long-range fighter heroine, while he chose close combat hero. At first, she was leading, but Ky won the match by using a series of very complex combo moves.

“Damn, you beat the shit outta me,” she said, putting her hands in her hair, impressed by Ky’s performance, “that was cool!”

Ky smiled and gave her a soft peck on the nose, teasing her. It was such an innocent kiss – making Tress melt at the touch. She stood up and wiggled her beautiful, perky ass at him before taking off her leggings, revealing pale bum half-covered by her black cheeky panties. Her toned legs made his mouth water, or was it the ouzo? She felt her heartbeat quicken. She bent over, exposing herself to his full view. There was something primal and exciting about teasing him, exploring the strength of his “code”. Inside him the beast of passion howled madly, trying to break free of the cage of propriety. A cage that was compromised by the ouzo. Then it hit him, the little minx, this proper girl always on her moral high horse, she had toyed with him all along. He felt something break inside of him.

Just as she pulled the leggings off her legs, Tress felt a pair of large hands grabbing her by her torso and pulling her backward. There were strength and softness to their touch. She yelped in surprise as she fell in his lap, his arms around her. She felt lightheaded from the fall and the rush of warmth and passion.

“You little minx, teasing me so relentlessly,” he whispered softly in her ear, nibbling her lobule. She let a slight moan of pleasure as the tickling sensation sent waves of excitement throughout her body. “Why do you do this to me, knowing full well that I won’t be able to stop myself, just like I wasn’t able to that night,” he said with a heavy voice, interlocking his fingers with hers, kissing her neck.

“Because,” she gasped, “because I want to feel loved, desired with a burning passion I wanted to…” her sentence was cut off by his deep, passionate, soft kiss. Their lips we interlocked for a long moment and they both lost themselves in the sensation. She felt his hands grabbing her breast and inner thighs. He felt her hands on his cheeks. It was the perfect kiss. Loving, sensual, laden with passion. They shared the warmth of their bodies and their repressed emotions. At that moment, they were truly belonging to each other. Ky reached for her panties but her hand held him back.

“The game isn’t over yet,” she whispered, breaking off the kiss. It was at that moment Ky finally came to his senses, his eyes glinting.

“You are right, Tressy,” he said and kissed her again. Her lips had the taste of a perfect autumn morning. His tasted like morning coffee and bliss. She sat next to him, caressing his inner thigh. Ky felt a rush of excitement from her soft touch.

“If you continue doing that I might lose,” he said, nodding at her hand.

“Is that so,” she asked playfully, moving her hand upwards, brushing against the bulge in his pants, feeling his hardness.

“He’s already hard. Hard for me. God, I’m so wet,” she thought, feeling the raging fire in her loins. They started the next match even though the pheromone-laden air blurred their thoughts. This match was far closer than the previous match because she spent half the time teasing him with small kisses, but in the end, he managed to win again.

“Free the nipple,” he exclaimed apropos to nothing and raised his fist in triumph. A moment of awkward silence followed before both of them burst out into laughter. She turned her back to him. His hands caressed her shoulders and he nuzzled in her hair before undoing the clasp and taking off her bra. She turned to him, blushing furiously from the anxiety one has from getting naked in front of someone for the first time. He giggled softly and instead of saying something, he just leaned in, cupped her breasts and gently kissed each nipple. Tress let a high-pitched sound of pleasure and put her hands on his head, eyes locking. A storm of emotions welled inside her, threatening to disintegrate her.

“They are beautiful, and so are you, Tress,” he said and put a hand on her cheek. She pressed herself into it, kissing the palm, enjoying the touch.

“I know,” she said playfully and winked at him, visibly relaxing. Was he always this caring, this attractive to her?

“And that’s why you are not getting my panties,” she added, raising her head proudly, “you’ll be too busy staring at my boobs, like the pervert you are.”

“That is, not far from the truth,” he surrendered and glanced at her rock hard nipples, wishing to taste them once again, “But I am taking your panties with me,” he finished with such passion causing shivers to pass up her spine. She could almost see the vile pictures forming behind those glinting light-brown eyes, fucking her 10 ways till Sunday – and she wanted to experience all of them. With that thought in mind, they continued their match, edging on the brink of explosion. She won the next match. She turned to him with an expectant look.

“Time to give me your shorts, Ky,” he stood up in front of her, his bulge almost shoved in her face. She slid the shorts around his ankles, licked her lips and began massaging his nether regions over the fabric.

“Mmmh,” Ky moaned, every rational thought in his mind slowly fading before the onslaught of pleasure, “I had waited for so long for this, my lovely Tress.”

A moment later his boxers joined the shorts, his erect cock in her hand. She smelled the masculine musk exuding from it.

“You are mine now,” she proclaimed without breaking eye contact and licked and kissed the glans of his engorged, well-groomed 6-inch cock. She loved the shape of it, her pussy itching.

“Oh but more importantly,” he started and knelt between her legs, “you too, are mine, sweetness!”

With a single move, her damp panties flew across the room and landed on the PlayStation which was all but forgotten. Beneath, her smoothly shaved pussy was glistening with her love juices, all red and yearning for him.

“What are you doi-ooooh,” she moaned as his mouth began making out with her bottom lips. Instantly, she grabbed him by the hair and closed her eyes, experiencing every touch, every sensation. It was communication without words, the most serene conversation she had ever had. The texture of her clit enticed him as her wetness flowed inside his mouth. It tasted like ambrosia, stoking the flames of passion. He watched her reactions, stimulating her without restraint. They had become two forces of nature who could no longer be tamed, only satiated. Ky hummed why his hands squeezed her sensitive breasts. The room became incredibly hot.

“You have never looked cuter,” he said referring to her blissful expression, mouth slightly ajar, her blue eyes gazing hungrily.

“Ah, Ky if I only knew then… this is… aah, please don’t stop, please, please let me get what I want,” she moaned, her body trembling at this ceaseless licking of her sensitive, swollen clitoris and red labia. He chuckled and his tongue burying even deeper inside her, causing her to tremble uncontrollably. A few moments later she let out a loud orgasmic half-shriek, surrendering to the tide. She missed this crescendo for so long, it was a deep, mind-shattering experience, such as she hasn’t felt before. She shuddered, making him flush with excitement. He rubbed her pussy throughout her climax. Some 20 seconds later she slumped, her legs resting on his shoulders. He kissed them and then joined her on the sofa, basking in her afterglow.

“Woah,” she gasped, her heart beating like a drum, “that was the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had,” smiling at his satisfied expression.

“That’s because oratory is important,” he quipped, she gave him a pointed look which said ‘you didn’t just say that’.

“If you won’t wipe that smugness off your face, there will be consequences,” she said seductively, stroking his cock.

“And what exactly are those,” he asked playfully, raising an eyebrow.

“First, I’ll kiss you,” she said and buried her tongue in his throat, “then I’ll kiss you some more,” she continued kissing his chest and nipples, eliciting a small yelp, “and finally, some more,” she finished, taking his cock in her lovely mouth. He gasped, his face a painting of delight. Then, she began sucking him in earnest, her tongue massaging every inch of the rock-hard shaft.

“Aaah, I correct my statement from before, now you look even cuter-uhh,” he grunted and let himself enjoy the experience. Even though he had desired Tress in the past, even in his wildest imaginings, he didn’t consider being this close to her or another human being, emotionally. None of his flings or exes had ever made him feel this safe, loved, and cared for. After a short while, his raging boner was coated with her saliva.

“Stand up, sweetness,” he told her helping her get to her feet and kissed her. Without a word, she put her knees on the sofa, her hands on the headrest, presenting herself to him, brimming with anticipation. She felt the emptiness inside her slowly being filled by his shaft.

“Ahh, yess,” she moaned softly, melting at the sensation of scratching an itch that hasn’t been scratched for a long, long time. The bliss she felt at those first few thrusts sent shivers up her spine, making her back arch. They were exchanging something special and beautiful. Was it love? Was it lust? Was it understanding? Was it all three? It felt so natural, so right.

“I love you, Tress,” Ky uttered in ecstasy thrusting rhythmically. He had fantasies about this exact moment, but they didn’t even come close to the real thing. She was strong, yet tender – wanting to pleasure him as much as he wanted to pleasure her. A true exchange of unadulterated passion. His brain was addled by the pleasure of her quivering pussy being pounded by his hot, raging cock.

“I love y-aah,” her words were lost to the pleasure of his hands massaging her breasts, his lips on her neck. Their passions mingled and they lost themselves in the sea of pleasure. They were 2 storms sustaining from each other’s ocean of desire, lust, love, and pleasure. She felt his teeth digging softly in the flesh of her shoulder. Her nails dug in the flesh of his neck, lost in the primal sensations of the act which threatened to take her sanity. The room filled with lewd sounds, moans, and gasps which grew in vehemence with each passing moment. A few minutes later she was thrusting her backside against him, the pressure building inside her. Ky felt her body shudder, sending him over the edge. In her orgasmic bliss, Tress heard Ky grunt and erupt all over her back. He was such a gentleman, not cumming inside her without a permission. She smiled and seconds later, they both slumped on the sofa, a sheen of sweat covering their bodies. She turned to him and began caressing and kissing him.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too. You made me feel like a real woman. I’m still shivering,” she whispered softly, nuzzling in his neck. Her body desired his touch and she pressed against him even though the room was so very hot.

“Tress,” he began softly, “you made me feel at home. You gave me something that I’ve been missing for so long, and I’m not even sure what it is,” he replied, looking her straight in the eye and then kissing her wet lips. They let their hands and lips speak for a while.

“I’ll go get a glass of water, I’m melting,” Tress said and reached for her t-shirt over Ky. He smacked her butt and held her, nibbling her back.

“No, no, no, your clothes belong to me,” he said, grinning. She saw the spark of wild desire burning in those sharp, light-brown eyes. She smirked and without a word, walked across the apartment in her birthday suit, much to his delight. Now, however, that shame and fear from when she first exposed herself to him, was gone. They spent the next half an hour watching TV and enjoying Tress’ snacks and each other’s naked company. Just as she was about to pour another glass of ouzo Tress noticed him staring at her absently.

“What is it?”

“What are we now Tress? I mean, this has fundamentally changed the nature of our relationship forever. I have never been in this spot before,” he mused, taking her hand in his and kissing each finger. Before he can continue Tress put a finger on his lips.

“Stop,” she said, “you are always overthinking it. Can’t we be just 2 humans who enjoy each other’s company on such a beautiful level, without constraints of a societal framework? I had never felt this comfortable and safe with another man in my life!”

Those words hit Ky like a hammer, shivers running through his spine. Her blue eyes drilled inside his soul with such intensity, and her body yearned for his touch, as did his body for hers.

“Wow, Tress, not even your boyfriend?”

Her visage darkened for a second.

“Not even my ex-boyfriend,” she finally confessed. Ky sighed in relief and put his hands on her soft cheeks.

“Oh my sweet Tress, now I finally understand,” he said and kissed her for the 100th time. With each kiss, they grew more addicted to each other. All restraints inside him broke and a wild idea appeared in his mind. Tress gazed at him longingly, noticing the wild, dark grin appearing on his lips.

“What’s going on inside your head, pervert,” she teased him, playing with his fingers with a smile on her face.

“I’ve always dreamed of tying you up to the bed, blindfolding you, taking you on a journey you or I won’t ever forget.”

“Oh God, that’s so kinky, I could never…” she thought, then looked at his expecting eyes.

“Do you trust me, love,” he asked her earnestly, putting a hand on her cheek. She leaned into it, feeling his warmth which radiated love and safety.

“I’ve always wanted to try that though…”

“Only if you promise to let me do it on you afterward,” she replied, a wild grin on her face.

“Oh sweet Mary, she is even wilder than I imagined! Let me show you love, who I truly am.”

“I promise, Tress,” he said softly, pressing her naked body against his, hands on her butt and kissed her passionately. Then, he led her to the bedroom.

Photo by Walid Riachy from Pexels

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